the dismembered body
compulsive storyboard for monsters
the ninth gate
I'm  a swarm of entities: Discordia, Candida, Ordanomade and Torazine.

They all were  born from the evil blood of the Human race.
Despite all lack of  fortune they come out from a fertile background of techno organized disorder.
They grow up in a community network of outlaws in the cradle of necrotic european culture, living on the razors edges of society and brain stability.

Discordia says: The dismembered body of the slave (fe/male meat without gender) is the space of the other. The dismembered body is flesh
     dispossessed of the self, it is the object of torture in the Delicious Garden. It became the place of absence in the subject, the
     starting point to destroy and rewrite symbolic orders.

Screenal reality is a realm, a layer of reality, that pretend to be the only one trough the seductive words of plastic babies. Discordia claims that this is the right moment to start squotting screenal reality. She uses to move with her network as a swarm.

The swarm say: Our strategy is to infiltrate the pop culture as a necrotic tissue from the inner. In the first eightes The Sanz Patiente Kollective, one of the first groups rapresentatie of the industrial culture in Europe claims
The Strategy is not dialectic:
liberation against control
inconscious against conscious
deviante against normal
sex against castity
The Strategy is catastrophic:
carry the situation to its own limits
The strategy is symbolic:
use against the system its own intolerable signs
The strategy is anonymous:
we don't want to be categorized as an other deviante star

Ordanomade says: Sound systems are weapon, I’m a network of organized techno disorder using sounds against system. The body of the slave has no chance to be a virgin, the only chance is a never ending languishing sexual relationship with the artifact created by the will of man, destroyed by the disappearance of the subject just in the moment in which my hot passion  reaches the hit and realizes that no man is god but it's me my God and it's Alive jesus motherfucking, it's Alive. When I  realize that, I go deeper in self mutilation kissing the beast to become her, anyway the Beast is kissing me trying to create the distance of a wound between us, but I'm just an embodied look through the dismembered flesh and my body has no borders, me, the subject, has disappeared in the net, in the texture of the sense. Slave of myself, I felt in love with the concrete through a praxis of creation of Temporary Erogenous Zones. I’m expanding my sensibility in the forbidden fields, areas out of the map of control.

"Surveillance cameras are all around us, Surveillance cameras are all around us, Surveillance cameras are all around us” Magazzini Criminali (the Criminal Stores a theatre company from Bologna Italy) hysterically sang the in the ’80 in their theatrical piece “Crollo Nervoso” (Nevrotic Breakdown).
Surveillance cameras are all around us and instead of of hysterically howling it
we decide to hold cameras in our hand

Candida says: Television is a weapon.
The screenal reality is to be squotted:
One year ago In Rome,  we started with the experience of “Candida the first electric household TV”: we had the weapon in our hand, BEWARE! almost all our games are played with live ammunition: you may shoot ammunition to the emptyness
If there is a big brother Candida is The Little Sister, the first electric household TV.

Candida in italian means Candid as the Candido of Voltaire for whom this is the best of the possibles worlds, isn’t it this what the tv-pop-culture is trying to tell us while our bodies are dispossesed everyday?
Candida is Candid as immediate, she has got immediate relationship with the media. It happen in the moment of the experience; from the television to everybody to the television done by everybody.
Candida is the first electric household TV because her aim is to overcame the differences between the consumer and the productor: television can be done by everyone, you just have to use the televisor as a monitor, camera as an eye, videorecorder as an editing tool. "MAKE YOUR OWN TELEVISION" to doubt of authorities and to promote the decentralization of information.
The screenal reality has to be squotted, candida wants to be broadcasted on the official television channel because the television channel are still the mainstream in collective subconscius, at the same time candida has got a net streaming of which she is not satisfied because actually the standard for net streaming are proprietary as the Real Network. What we need is a free software for light netstreaming, the ascii stream looks like a good solution.

We are invading the pulpit from which everyone is preaching to pour waves of vetriolo in everybody houses, we know that nothing is true and everything is possible: nephew of uncle Dostojevskij and uncle Bill Borroughs. In the merry-go-round of media, as Guy Debord says, what pretends to be true is false and what is false is true. Let’s play the game.

Book industry, telematica, radio, television, Candida, Discordia, Ordanomade, Torazine are a nomadic swarm that advances as grasshoppers of the sense.

no name will be changed to protect the innocents everyone is fuckin’ guilty.