e f e m e r a : (New York) Obsesses over the shifting representations of biotech and informatic labor industries. She focuses this obcession by playing with the temporal output of industries in culture as informatic reflection. Drowned with aesthetics in her formative years, her cultural output is bound by poetics and metaphorical lyricism. She transfers unbound social drives and ideological expectations of power through a radical poetics.

d i S c o R d i a : (Rome) Conducts experiments in cognitive theory and practice with various chemical stimulants as utility. She spends her days transmitting the tools they bring her consciousness, into the social spaces of what was once known as the cornerstone of Western Civilization. She is known to some as a phenomenological hysteric. One of her strategic passions is spinning an aesthetic terrorism. She is ultimately an operational virus insering chaos wherever possible. She tests the stability of social structures and uncovers what is used to contain her force.

l i q u i d _ n a t i o n : (Australia) Throttles major channels of mainstream cultural imaginary constructs, spinning what they leave silent. She is consulted by those with power and capital, though she is not of that world. Her past is saturated with social instabilities, her education the social margins. Her delusions bleed the silent violence our informatic revolutions release as they infect the social body.

m i s s t r e s s e s _ o f _ t e c h n o l o g y : (media generators) Believe:"The screenal is a readymade to be tweaked and bent."